Japanese Tole Paint Class

クラスごとにレベルわけ(上級・初級)などはありますか?Is there level difference in a class, a beginner, mid, and experience?




For people who are still beginners, we suggest a beginner (basic) project to begin with. But as for class level, there is no levels. I teach both American and  European paint styles,but the classes do not change. This class is also a "self paced" class, so there will be no lagging behind in class. So no worries.






どんな種類のペイントを使いますか? What type of paint do you use in class?

アクリルペイント [Delta, Americana, Jo Sonja's] を作品によって使い分けて使用しています。


We use acrylic paint  [Delta, Americana, Jo Sonja's]

見学したいのですが I want to examine the class



As long as it's in class time, you are welcome anytime.   japanese class.

クラス料金はいくらですか? How much is the class fee for the class?





For class 10Am to 1PM the fee of 3 hours.

As long as it's within the class time, you may come late or leave early when ever you want.






材料や道具は何が必要ですか?What kind of supplies are needed for this class?




So there is no need to rush. You may also bring your own supplies if you have so.

Basic Project